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Redefining Talent Acquisition

Employment is evolving rapidly with professional roles increasingly harder to fill. Galvanizing our twenty years of expertise and professional acumen, we are refining talent acquisition by proactively curating the right candidate to thrive within your environment.

We engage the most creative people in the industry and target forward-thinking businesses. Our personalized process is attentive, efficient and effective. We fill most contingency placements within 30 days, and most executive within 60 days. The majority of our hires progressing to senior and leadership roles.

What makes us different is that when everyone else has failed, we reliably deliver in a way that provides our clients with cost savings, a robust candidate experience, and a focus on mindfulness, diversity, and balance when making the right match. Once people collaborate with us, they value our product so highly we become their primary asset for hiring.

We are Living Talent: creative people, fresh solutions, living exceptionally, meeting real needs. We’ve got this.

Live Well. Live Talented.

Jason & Gary