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Green Card, How to Apply for Green Card

How to Apply For a Green card? Step by Step Guidelines (Updated 2021)​

US green card allows you to live and work permanently in the United States, AKA permanent resident. I have always wanted to write a series of professional articles on how to immigrate to the USA, and how to apply for a green card.

Immigration to the US is mainly divided into three categories: relative immigration, work immigration, and special types of immigration. Generally, work immigration includes H1b visa technical immigration, cross-border company senior manager L-1 visa immigration, outstanding talent immigration EB1, investment immigration EB5.

How to immigrate to the US or Apply for a green card?

You need to submit an immigration application I-129F, I-130, I-140, I-526, or so on.

What are the types of immigration?

There are four types of immigration status that exist: citizens, residents, non-immigrants, and undocumented.

What is the easiest way to immigrate to the USA?

  1. The first- Family-based relative immigration, if you have a relative who is a US citizen or a  permanent resident,or marry a US citizen, or marry a permanent resident.
  2. Second work immigration, if you have a degree and find a job in the United States.
  3. Third investment immigration EB5 is an option.

How to Apply For Green card.step by Step and Guideline | Legal Dos

1. Relative immigration
2. Employee base Immigration, included–Outstanding Talen, work- Investment
3. Special category of immigration
4. Explain in detail how to apply for a green card, step by step and checklist
5.if you are a permanent resident, you can apply for…

The first category is relative immigration.

The relative immigration, the applicant is a U.S. citizen or a U.S. green cardholder. In the US immigration law, legally adopted children or stepchildren can also apply for immigration, and even surrogate mothers can be relatives, and children can apply for their parent’s immigration.

U.S. citizens who apply for relative immigration include:
1. U.S. citizens apply for parent immigration;
2. U.S. citizens apply for spouse immigration;
3. U.S. citizens apply for child immigration,  citizens can also apply for an adopted child,  or stepchild;
4. U.S. citizens apply for sibling immigration; U.S. citizens can still apply,
5. Apply for a fiance K1 visa, fiance immigrates to the United States.
6. The permanent resident can apply for a marriage green card for spouse immigration;
7. The permanent resident can apply for an unmarried child, adopted child, or stepchild immigration.

The difference between green card holders, and US citizens applying for relatives to immigrate to the United States is that the former cannot apply for a parent, sibling, married child, fiance K1-Visa immigrate to us.

If you are eligible to immigrate to the US, please contact lawyers

Relative immigrate to us apply for green card catalog:

Relative immigration U.S. citizens apply for: U.S. green card holders apply for:
For spouse For spouse
For children For minor children
For adult unmarried children For adult unmarried children
For minor adoption of children For minor adoption of children
For parents No
For adult married children No
For siblings No
For fiance-K-1-Visa No

The second category is employer-based immigration

Employer base immigration includes professors or researchers, outstanding talents, and senior managers of cross-border companies; it also includes professional skilled immigration and skilled immigration, works immigration, and Investment immigration.

8. For professors or researchers, the applicants generally apply for outstanding talent immigration EB1 card. Some professors or researchers, do not need to apply for immigration EB1-A support by their work entity. They can independently apply for immigration. Some people need support from a work entity to apply for EB1-B immigration.

9. Employee base EB1 for outstanding talents includes certain achievements in science, education, business, sports, and art, reaching outstanding, first-class domestic or international first-class standards. There are no degree requirements for outstanding talents in the United States to apply for immigration EB1-A If outstanding talents do not want to immigrate to the United States, they can also apply for an outstanding talent work visa. O-1. O-1 generally needs to find a work entity. The application requires an application sponse by the work entity.

10. L-1 visas for senior managers of cross-border companies can apply for EB1-C card applications for outstanding talent immigration.

11. work immigrants generally require professional skilled immigrants with a bachelor degree or above, skilled immigrants with a bachelor degree below, such as chefs, electric welders, etc. A college degree + 2 years of work experience. H1b visa holders with a bachelor’s degree generally apply for professional skills immigration EB3, a master’s degree or above generally apply for professional skills immigration EB2. Bachelor’s degree + 5 years of work experience, can be applied for high educated professional skills immigration EB2, also can apply for EB2 with a master’s degree or above, or you can apply for EB3 with a bachelor’s degree. Sometimes because of professional counterparts and other reasons, you can apply with a bachelor’s degree; sometimes because the EB3 card application visa number availability faster, so apply for a bachelor’s degree. Generally, Eb2’s visa number availability faster.

If you don’t know which kind of green card to try, please contact our immigration lawyer

Note: There are often misunderstandings about professional skilled immigrants EB2 and EB3 who have a bachelor’s degree or above in work immigration, only those who have obtained an H1B visa can apply for U.S. immigration. In fact, work immigration does not require an H1B visa can also apply for the United States Immigrants, regardless of whether they are in the United States or not, also an application for US immigration and immigrant visas, because skilled immigrants EB2 and EB3 apply for future positions, not positions that are currently working, and work entity generally submits to apply.

Under special circumstances, a bachelor’s degree holder or a master’s degree holder may not find a work entity, They qualify to apply for the card independently. In this case, it is necessary to apply for a national interest exemption to the USCIS.

13. Green cards for religious personnel, mainly for pastors or missionaries for immigration EB4 and green card applications;

14. EB5 investment immigration is a type of employee-based.

The third category is special immigrants.

Special types of immigrants and also include Lottery green cards. The United States issues 50,000 lottery green cards to the world every year. People from different countries fill in the application on the website of the US Department of State, and then selection; Humanitarian politics protects green cards and refugee green cards. For example, people from countries or regions in war issue humanitarian political protection green cards and refugee green cards; It also includes U visa and green card applications for victims of severe violence or important witnesses in the United States. 18. There is also immigration in special countries and regions such as Cuba.

For more information about immigration, contact immigration lawyers.

Immigrate to us apply for green card catalog:

Relative immigration US citizen: apply for parent
2.Apply for spouse
3.Apply for child
4.Apply  for siblings
5.Apply for fiancevisa K-1
Green card holders: 6.Apply for spouse
7.Apply for a child
Work immigration Outstanding talents in science-education-business-sports-art 8.  EB1-A
Outstanding talents in professors or researchers 9.  EB1-B
Outstanding talents in the senior manager of cross border companies 10.EB1-C
Professional skills immigration with a master’s degree or above-H1b 11.EB2
Skilled immigration with a bachelor degree or below-h1b 12.EB3
Religious visas and immigration 13.EB4
employee base investment immigration 14.EB5
special immigrants Lottery immigration 15. Lottery green card
Humanitarian visa and immigration 16. Political Asylum, Refugee immigration
Victims or witnesses of severe violence 17.U visa and immigration
immigration in a special country or region 18.For example Cuba

To explain how to immigrate to us apply for green card requirement and steps (to be continued) to apply for citizenship

2. U.S citizen or green card holder, how to  apply for marriage green card

3.U.S citizen how to apply for parent green card.

4.US citizen or green card holder, how to apply for child green card to apply for a sibling green card to apply for k1 visa and marriage green card

7. how to apply for an H1b visa, extension, transfer H1b. to apply for an L1 visa to apply for O1 Visa

10. how to apply for EB1 green card

11. how to apply for EB2-EB3 green card to apply for EB5 green card to apply for a lottery visa green card

5.after apply for a green card

If you are a permanent resident, you can apply for a reentry permit, or renew your green card;

If you are a permanent resident, you can apply for  citizenship, Naturalization;

If you are already a U.S. citizen, may Replenishment of citizen certificate, etc. you can apply for relatives to immigrate to the US.

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