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How to improve Google SEO? A Step by Step Guidance

How to improve Google SEO technologies and strategies important skills (updated 2021)

Recently, a friend asked me about how to fast improve google SEO. I wrote an article about how I quickly improve GOOGLE SEO and how to increase the number of visits from 2000 to 20000 in 5 months, and how to rank more than 100 keywords on the first page. How much does Google SEO cost? Usually, 1000-5000 per month, depending on the work plan, the cost is also different. Someone asks is it worth doing SEO? If you do it seriously, a lot of organic traffic is certainly worth it.

Jan 2000 Organic Traffic;
Feb 4000 Organic Traffic;
March 7000 Organic Traffic;
April 12000 Organic Traffic;
May  20000 Organic Traffic.


fast improve google SEO important keys

Google SEO has several key technologies, including website server speed optimization, keyword and SEO article optimization, website technology, and strategy optimization,I summarized as follows based on my own experience:

1. Website server speed optimization;
2. Keyword optimization and how to write SEO promotion articles;
3. Techniques and strategies for website internal optimization and website external optimization.

1. fast improve google SEO, server speed optimization.

Website server, web hosting should be fast. There is a saying, if the speed of the website server is not fast, no matter how hard you work, you can not rank to the first page. Because Google SEO algorithm prefers fast pages, in order to search users to open faster. We can understand that if the user opens very slowly after searching, the user does not like it. Google requires web pages to open within 4 seconds. 4 seconds or more is a Failing, It is a bad URL page; the opening speed of the website page, is medium in 2.5-4 seconds, and needs improvement; the opening speed of the website page within 2.5s, is an excellent speed, good. that is why someone can not fast improve google SEO.

The web server speed is 0.1 seconds a unit, in order to maximize the speed of the server, our engineers tested almost, the top web server, including GoDaddy, GOOGLE Cloud, Amazon AWS, Blue host, etc. so we have 5 The engineer tested it for 24 hours,7 days, finally chose a server supplier, that uses the latest technology. Choosing a good website server supply is also very important for technical support. In order to configure the website server, I work with the technical support of the website server and work together with Google technical engineers, and Microsoft technical engineers, to solve many problems, including scanning and cleaning up IP addresses. If you want to fast improve google SEO, the website’s cache tool. and domain   DNS configuration is also very important. We tested the world’s fastest cache tool  DNS configuration tool.

How to choose a  server  and configuration, contact us

2. SEO keyword optimization and how to write  SEO articles

2.1 How to choose SEO keywords

Keyword search and analysis, one of the most important on fast improve google SEO. Choosing the right keywords is more effective. if choose the wrong keywords, it is difficult to rank them up. Keyword difficulty is divided into high, medium, and low. Generally, new websites recommend optimizing rankings starting from low difficulty keywords, then optimizing the ranking middle, and high difficulty keywords. Choose an optimized ranking with a low difficulty keyword, the ranking is easy to improve, but the organic traffic is too low. According to the goals of the work plan SEO, you can focus on optimizing rankings at the same time, with middle and high difficulty keywords. Search engine keywords are also divided into, common keywords and Money keywords. money keywords that we focus on optimization, because these keywords not only bring traffic, also directly bring income from shopping or purchasing.

Tips: If the search ranking of one, or several keywords of an SEO  article is optimized to the first page, the other keywords of this SEO article, will also improve the search ranking.

2.2 How to write excellent SEO articles.

How to write SEO articles is also important. In addition to being valuable to users, accurate and readable, SEO articles have to comply with SEO standards. Not a person can write an article, you can write a qualified SEO  article. Those who have industry experience, and can write articles can write excellent SEO articles, after being trained by SEO technicians.

SEO articles are generally 1000-1500 words, and each article focuses on 2-3 keywords. The website can be configured with 10%-20% of articles, with more than 1500 words, and 10%-20% of short articles with 500-1000 words can be configured. SEO  articles also include the following main parts:

1. There are 2-3 main keywords in the title, and the URL of the article, should preferably contain the main keywords;

2. The main keywords should appear 3-5 times, in the first paragraph of the article;

3. Add an article structure label, after the first paragraph, so that users can click on the anchor hyperlink, to the paragraph that the user is interested in;

4. Keywords appear at least 2-3 times in the  body of the article;

5. The main keywords should appear 1-2 times at the end of the article;

6. At least one picture for each article, and add ALT to illustrate the content of the picture.

TIPS: The main keywords of google search, people also ask are common questions. Embed these questions into the article, and answer them in your own language, which can increase lot of search volume

How to plan keywords, and write an excellent SEO article, contact our SEO technicians to discuss.

3. website optimization techniques and strategies for fast improve google SEO

Website SEO is divided into website internal, on-page optimization technology, and website external, off page optimization strategy. SEO planning began when the website was developed.

3.1 on-page optimization

on-site optimization includes website column design and URL planning. plan the regulates the URL of the page and blog. URL planning should be placed under, the root directory of the website as much as possible, such as,or /.

The closer the page URL of the website is, to the root target, the higher the priority, such as, the priority is higher than, https:// do not make URL level three or four, such as -do-google-seo/, this is not conducive to search engine inclusion.

When doing URL planning, be consistent with the Title and Meta, and use the main keywords first. Do not use Stop words in URL planning, such as a, of, and, on. For example: how to immigrate to us, and apply and how to apply for a green card, do not use /how-to-immigrate-to-us-and-how -to-apply-a-green-card/, you can use /immigrate-us-apply-green-card/

It’s better to unify,  standardize website section, and page design, and blog planning, and give priority to direct links from the homepage to articles, this is to make it easier for search engines to crawl. Each page or blog internal links to the most important article. Each article sets the link Anchor on the page.

More on page technology

on-site optimization technology also includes speed optimization, image optimization, CSS optimization, and so on. Of course, it also includes website security, especially the word press website. Sitemaps, Robots, etc. are also optimized on the site. Mobile-Friendly for mobile users, such as mobile phones, is also very important. Now the search volume of Google mobile users has exceeded 50% of the total search volume.

TIPS: If it is a new website, try to choose a short domain name. In addition to being easy to remember, it is best to choose two words. The first word is the industry word, such as, You can also buy an old domain name. The older the domain, the more friendly it is to SEO.

For more detailed on-page optimization technology, you can contact our site optimization engineer.

Tips: Of course, I also have the technology, that makes the website faster increases organic traffic.  the two-year websites can more than 100,000 organic traffic per month.

3.2 on-page optimization strategies

In addition to the general backlinks, profile, text backlinks, picture backlinks, Forum backlinks, PDF backlinks, web2.0, and Tier 2, the off-page optimization strategy also includes Guest Post-Outreach.
Generally, post backlinks choose websites with a relatively high DA to publish and do not publish on websites with a low DA. Generally, choose websites with a DA of more than 40. Sometimes people who do backlinks give you some websites with very high DA, but high DA values ​​obtained through fraudulent methods, we can check the SPAM of the website, generally, the SPAM is less than 10%, preferably the SPAM value Less than 1%. Useful backlinks not only increase the weight of the website DA, PA and DR,  also bring traffic. TIP: Tools to check DA, PA

use White Hat technology, manual post backlinks, do not use Black Hat technology, robots to optimize, not to use robots to optimize fake visits or fake search orders, otherwise, there will be no effect and may be penalized by Google.

Tips: if google has been punished by Google, our technical team also has the opportunity to recover the punishment.

More off-page strategies

The off-page optimization strategy focuses on Guest posts, Outreach. Guest Post, Outreach chooses high- DA and high-traffic websites to post. If you do Guest Post for a long time, use a different website domain to publish, do not publish on the same website, because the same website will not improve keyword rankings. Check whether the domain name of this website has already been published before doing Guest Post. Often when we ask people to post guest posts, the staff just publish the posts and collect the money according to the quantity. Regardless of the result, I call it “work without effort, just look at the process, not the result. The Guest Post chooses to publish on the relevant Relevant website, or the General Website and News Website, other websites have not optimization useful. Contextual Backlink is better if it can be optimized

How to plan off-page optimization strategy, contact off-page optimization team

TIPS: Looking at the domestic and foreign Google SEOer, there are really not many experts. For example, there are several Google SEO optimization companies that charge hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands a year. After the discussion, I really feel that the technology is just so so. Even these companies set up the web servers on their own shared servers, only write a few short articles a month and only a few backlinks per month. just only long-tail keywords are ranked up, not to mention industry keywords and money keywords. This SEO optimization may only have a few hundred organic traffic per month. There are really not many people and teams who hard study Google SEO with great concentration like us. We not only have the technology, also have practical experience.

welcome to discuss SEO technology. We also have a professional word press development team

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