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H1b Visa

How to Apply For H1B Visa, Extension, Transfer, and Everything you need to know. (Updated 2021) H1B  is a job position in a professional field in the United States, allowing foreigners to work in the United States. Generally, a bachelor’s degree or above is required,… Read More »H1b Visa

K1 Visa

How to Apply For k1 Visa and Get a Green Card Through Marriage(Updated 2021) The K1 visa is for US citizens to apply for a fiance to the US to get married, also called a fiance visa or k-1 visa. What Is a K-1 Visa?… Read More »K1 Visa

Sibling Green Card

How to Apply for Sibling Green Card, Brother Green Card and Sister Green Card(Updated 2021) A sibling green card is a US citizen apply for a brother green card or a sister green card to become a US permanent resident. Green card holders can not… Read More »Sibling Green Card